The Hispanic Community is one of the fastest growing communities in America but is also more likely than other groups to have a substance abuse and addiction issues. Many treatment centers have a different approach to Latino addiction treatment. Get more information about these approaches:


Substance use disorder treatment for Latinos has been found to support specific services for treatment, which can include:

  • Educational and vocational services during treatment to help teach skills that are necessary for self-sufficiency and less likely to turn to substances
  • Spanish-speaking addiction professionals
  • Assistance programs to assist low-income Latinos

Societal and cultural aspects of Latino demographic which can be incorporated into treatment

Addiction treatment for Latinos typically consists of:

Assessment and evaluation

All patients will undergo evaluation before addiction treatment. During the evaluation, an addiction professional will assess the need for treatment based on the severity of the addiction and presence of any underlying co-occurring mental health disorders. When developing a plan, a person’s circumstances must be taken into account.


The detox step can be a challenge but can’t be skipped. The majority of drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs require new clients to be sober before entering. With certain substances, this mean you will have to go through withdrawals. Some facilities have medically supervised detox programs.


Substance use disorder treatment often consists of many simultaneous aspects, including group counseling, individual behavior therapy, and pharmacotherapy approaches. People in the Hispanic community are very family-oriented and play a role in drug and alcohol addiction treatment.


Continuing a person’s life following the completion of substance abuse treatment can be a challenge. Once a Latino completes drug or alcohol treatment, there may be a requirement to follow aftercare protocol which can decrease the chances of relapse. Aftercare is a crucial step for Latinos to prepare for sober living.

Treatment Barriers

Latino addiction treatment barriers can create certain obstacles that need to be overcome to best support Latinos in treatment. Common barriers include:

  • Lack of health insurance
  • Financial difficulties
  • Cultural views of addiction treatment
  • Language barriers
  • Family responsibilities
  • Shame about addiction treatment

Latinos with addiction may not know where to start but help is actually available.

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